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5 Benefits of Having a Soffit System Installed

Soffit and Fascia

You might be motoring along just fine, unaware what your house’s soffit is and why it’s so important. In fact, the soffit is the underbelly of your eaves or gables – basically the space spanning between the edge of the roof and the wall of the house. Not only do soffits ensure your house looks good from all angles, they help protect your roof and walls.

Not all houses have a soffit system. Indeed, you can add an extra layer of protection with a soffit system. These systems are vinyl or aluminum panels that cover the soffit and its neighboring structures. Below are five reasons you should consider having a soffit system installed.


1. Protection of Roof Integrity

The soffit and its surrounding structures comprise the first line of defense for your house’s roofing. It protects the underlying rafters from the vagaries of weather. Without a soffit, the rafters can get wet, which leads to mold and eventual rot.

A soffit system not only consists of the vinyl or aluminum panel that stretches from the roof edge to the wall, it also consists of the soffit joist and fascia board, which are the side and front of the overhang respectively. Vinyl and aluminum are durable materials that repel moisture. Therefore, a soffit system keeps rain and snow melt away from the foundational structure of your roof.


2. Increased Beauty

A soffit system gives your house a finished look. If you’re looking at your house straight on, your eye naturally goes to the big systems such as the roofing and walls. However, if you look straight and don’t see fascia, you just see the edge of boards and shingles. If you peer underneath the overhang, you see beams. A soffit system conceals these utilitarian areas, increasing the house’s beauty.


3. Decreased Maintenance

Moisture is no friend to wood. If you leave wood exposed to rain and snow, it will eventually become degraded. Roof rafter replacement can be quite expensive, and a soffit can help prevent this repair.

Without a soffit system, you’ll have to be vigilant. You’ll want to inspect the edges and underside of your house’s overhang regularly. At the first sign of moisture damage, you’ll need to repair the rafters. You’d want to inspect the edges of the shingles as well to ensure they’re not lifting or otherwise becoming damaged from the wind. A soffit system eliminates these maintenance tasks.


4. Upgraded Resale Value

While soffits are oft-neglected by homeowners, potential homebuyers frequently educate themselves on what to watch for during their shopping excursions.

The savvy homebuyers will look over the roofing and the siding. They’ll also take note of the soffit system – or lack thereof. Not only will they note the area looks less finished, they may imagine the abovementioned maintenance and cost. In short, a soffit system can increase your house’s resale value.


5. Possible Soffit Venting

As overlooked as soffits are, an area of home construction that’s even more neglected is venting. Specifically, homeowners often give little thought to attic venting. However, the attic is an area where stale air, heat, and dust accumulate. In other words, you might want a regular system for venting the space out.

Soffit venting can be incorporated into your soffit system. The contractors install the system with regular intervals of vents. These vents let the air flow around the underside of your roof and the attic. A well-ventilated roof and attic decrease utility bills. The ventilation also decreases the build-up of ice dams by preventing heat from melting the snow on the roof.


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