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We have all had experience with big box stores, and have experienced the difference you see when you interact with one versus a locally owned business. Even if you find someone to help, you can be ignored, or told to speak to someone else. Customer service is very hard to find at times. Smaller, locally owned businesses are much more likely to greet you with a smile, or answer their phone, followed by a much more personalized experience. A local business owner wants to please each and every customer. Which experience would you rather have?

A locally owned gutter company provides greater value by providing their customers with great customer service and quality craftsmanship, and at a fair price. With a locally owned business, the customer is not just a number and can get the personalized service they expect. They are also much more likely to have the time, or to make it, to speak to each customer, addressing any concerns, answering questions, and explaining their product. Customer service is typically much better, and so it the workmanship quality. There may be fewer employees, but they are typically highly skilled in their area of expertise, and have much more experience in their field than the workers at a large box store.

Large businesses can be known for higher pricing but lower standards of customer service. These establishments often hire less skilled employees that will work for lower wages, causing the quality of their workmanship to be questionable. They typically care less about the output they are producing, and are less likely to do extras as needed to get the job done right. Lack of individual service, higher prices, communication issues, dealing with multiple layers of people to get a project done, and delays are frequent “pain points” of working with a large box store.



Choosing what you want for your rain gutters can be daunting after you discover all the options available. Pensacola Gutters helps you through the process, installing the most durable gutters to protect the foundations of your Pensacola, Florida business. We are the ultimate solution to protect your home from leaks and runoff. Contact the experts at Pensacola Gutters by filling out the contact form on this website and schedule an appointment right away. We will be happy to assist you! 

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With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.