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Why Pine Needles Can Threaten Your Roof

Gutter Protection

A few pine needles may not pose too much danger, but they will if they start building up.

Pine straws are bundles of needles that are often found in the corners and gutters of your roof. Some homeowners may think that they’re harmless. However, these straws can damage your roofing system, especially when they’re longleaf or shortleaf pine types.


Why Pine Needles Can Threaten Your Roof


Quick Matting

When pine needles clump together, they can form mats that accumulate on your roof. These can’t be easily dislodged, so the shingles underneath this matting will usually deteriorate.

Crack Issues

Pine needles may go into the edges of your roof shingles, especially during extreme wind conditions. This can create gaps between shingles, eventually leading to roof leaks.

Trapped Moisture

Pine needles easily trap moisture. This encourages moss or mold to grow on your roof. Plus, when moisture is trapped this way, it will lead to roof condensation that affects proper insulation. This, in turn, leads to higher energy bills.

Clogged Gutters

Pine needles can also get stuck to your roof’s gutters. When this happens, your gutters will get clogged.

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