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What You Need to Know About Soffit & Fascia

Seamless Gutters, Soffit and Fascia

Soffit & Fascia are an often undisturbed part of a homeowner’s house, but they play a critical role in protecting your house from damage, warding away mold and pests, and keeping the temperature ventilated.

Siding, Soffit, gutter and Fascia replacements often go hand in hand. So if you’re getting one repaired it’s worth checking out the others to see if they are in good health or need a repair too.

  • Soffit is the overhang that protects your house and wicks water away from your roof, doors, and concrete
  • Fascia or Fascia board replacements are the boards protecting the Soffit, with a gutter mounted on or directly above.

Soffit and Fascia come in a diverse range of styles, but their primary function is to protect your house from wind, rain, snow, mold, and ice, while keeping pests out of your home, walls, and ceiling.

Why Soffits And Fascias Are Important

Soffits and Fascias are a critical element to protecting your roof or siding from weather conditions and animals.

Living in a climate like Florida with high winds, your Soffit keeps water from hitting your house and causing water damage to the siding.

These two elements are critical to your house. They help by:

  • Prevents roof damage from rain, snow, ice, pests, mold, and water
  • Regulates temperature by venting hot air and drawing in cool damp air
  • Attractive fit & finish option to your roof

If your Soffit and Fascia have suffered damages, such as paint peeling, warming, wood rot, mold, curling shingles, pests, or moisture damage, you should look into replacing these critical protection elements.

What’s The Difference Between Soffit And Fascia?

Soffit Fascia Panama City FL

Both a Soffit and Fascia protect your home from pests and water damage, while simultaneously keeping your house well-ventilated. Naturally, they wick water and heat away while drawing in a cool draft.

The Soffit is the underneath section of the overhang around the ceiling of your house. It will regulate temperature and protect your ceiling, roof, and siding from water damage – especially water damage caused by windy rain, snow, or ice.

The Fascia is commonly known as a “transition trim” between the home and the roofline. Repairing fascia boards will support the shingles and help keep moisture out and away from your home. It also provides a stylish fit and finishes to your house, making the roof look “complete”


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